a2Z AZ-640 disc brake pad

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Fastop brake pads:
-Superior heat-resistant properties minimizes brake fad.
-High efficiency brake compound enhances braking power in all types of conditions.
-All "Fastop" disc brake pads made of asbestos-free organic material.
-Each brake pad has a brake pad wear indicator, a smart, user-friendly and safe feature that lets you know when to replace your brake pads!
-Each packaging includes a new spring too.

Recommended use:
XC - 150% longer life time, 110% braking power

Warning: When removing and replacing brake pads, Plesae check and refer to your disc brake owner's manual.

Unit: for 1 wheel
Fékpofa anyaga: steel based organic
Hűtőbordás [EN]: no
Compatible brake: TRP Slate T4, Tektro Dorado 4P HD-E725, Bengal Helix 4X, Shimano M820, Shimano M640, Tektro Dorado 4P HD-E720, TRP Slate, Tektro Orion 4P HD-M745, Shimano MT520, Shimano M8020, TRP Quadiem, TRP Quadiem G-Spec, TRP Slate G-Spec, Shimano M9120, Tektro HD-M750, Tektro Orion 4+2P HD-M735 Front, Tektro Dorado 4P HD-E730, Tektro HD-E725, Tektro HD-E720, Tektro M750, Tektro M841, Tektro M840-2, Tektro M830, Shimano M810

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