Further details of credit card payment

What sort of CreditCard can I use for payment?

Our financial partner K&H Bank accepts VISA Elactron and Eurocard/Mastercard embossed creditcards. Creditcards released only for electronic use are accepted by K&H Bank if it’s releaser Bank previously gives permission for the use. Please contact your Bank to get further information about the online paying service.

Whom do I give my data?

Ridebike ltd is in contract with K&H Bank. The customer sends the payment data directly to the bank so the process not includes Ridebike ltd. The bank informs you and us automatically about the succesful payment via email so you will also see on the screen as well, that you have succesfully payed the order. Please during the payment process do not close any of the windows, or navigator tabs and always step back by clicking ont he following link: "Vissza a bolti alkalmazáshoz" (means: Back to the shop).

Complaints – How do I get my money back?

Complaints with orders payed by credit card should be sent to us via email (info@ebike.hu). The complaint will be investigated in 3 workdays. In case the complaint is valid Ridebike will compensate the customer by replacing the product, the malfunctioning part or by refunding of the price.

Dataprotection and legal redress

Users has the right to ask for legal redress if he/she feels that his/her right to data protection was damaged. The user can turn to the Civil Court or can ask the help of the Commissioner of Data Protection. Read „Law 1992./LXIII.” for further information (Law about handling private data and obligations of the operator.)

Why should I pay later instead of paying immediatelly after the order?

As we list items in the website that are not available from stock, what is more, the supply of some item is uncertain we make the payment available only when the whole order is ready to be sent.

After sending us your order you will receive an automatically generated email – to have a checklist about the order details and ordered items. We start to collect the available goods immediatelly, and forward our requiry to the suppliers. You can follow up your order status afer signing in to our website. (my Orders). The database is online, so when we receive information about the items, you will see it as well. If you need the goods earlier or you would like to simply modify your order, you can call us or send an email: adding or deleting items from the order is easy and quick.

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