Why order from us?

It is difficult to describe why you should choose us without the suspicion of self-praise. Perhaps it is not too official to list how many million visitors we have had since our launch in 2004, how much traffic we have had, and how many packages we have sent... A lot. And where have we sent packages abroad? Of course, often to neighboring countries, as our transport costs within the region are almost the same as domestic ones. common destinations are Scandinavia, England, Spain, but it is not uncommon for us to send packages across the ocean as well. What are the real reasons why you should choose eBIKE.hu? We describe a couple

The eBIKE.hu webshop was launched in 2004, and it is one of the stores with the most serious background.

- Amazing prices. Significant price discounts apply to the entire palette, and many products are available at a significant discount.
- Health fund relations
- Team discounts (team leaders can register by email)
- Extensive connections in many areas of life (other bicycle workshops, foundations, universities, building contractors, advertising agencies, etc.)
- Technical assistance from beginner to advanced level
- Dynamic team
- Online customer service, online package tracking. More and more automatic purchase confirmations.
- We are at the forefront of logistics

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