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Welcome to eBike.hu bicycle webshop community

Please read our Policy throughfully before your first order! Thank you

Opening hours of our Customer Service

You can call us weekdays from 8am untill 1pm on the following infoline: 36-70-527-5995 (we speek a bit english), but maybe it is better to write an email: our email address is never busy, and you reach it non-stop!

General terms of purchase

Shopping in eBIKE webstore is only available via internet (ebike.hu).

Everyone is allowed to buy at eBIKE who has active registration and accepts the following terms and conditions. All users automatically accepts these regulations by his/her order.

Visitng or browsing our site (product info’s, prices, items) needs no registry, you can also do it anonym way but to put items to the basket and order them you have to be signed in. To enter our free and simple registration site click here (link).

After receiving your order we send you a confirmation mail. Please check it (address, items, quantities, prices) and contact us as soon as possible if anything has to be modified.

This confirmation email is generated automatically. Altough we doing our best to work without failures, it is possible, that some of the goods are damaged or missing from the stock. In these cases we are informing you immediatelly and trying to solve the problem with the less delay

If you see any differences between the uploaded picture and the produt name/product details please ask/inform us before sending your order, and we will correct the mistake!

Restrictions on liability

Shoping on eBike.hu presumes the knowledge of the possibilities and limits of the internet including technical performances and arising errors.

eBIKE.hu webshop is irresponsible for the below mentioned regardless their causes:

  • Any data sent or received via internet
  • Any process error in the internet that blocks the webshop’s troublefree function
  • Any errors in the receivers or in the communicaton channel
  • Loss of any letter, e-mail or other data
  • Not ordinary function of any software
  • Causes of any malfunction of system-errors, abnormal activity or technical problems

The operator of eBIKE.hu has the right to change prices or shipping deadlines. These changes come into force after appearing on the website. eBIKE.hu has also the right to change the terms and conditions of purchase or the eBIKE webshop itself without justification.

Any modificatons come into force when appearing on the website. Users not approving these terms are not authorized to purshase at eBIKE.hu.

In case of braking the rules of eBIKE.hu has the right to delete the registry of the customer.


Visitng or browsing our site (product info’s, prices, items) needs no registry, you can also do it anonym way but to put items to the basket and order them you have to be signed in. To enter our free and simple registration site click here (link).

Before your first order please fill in our registry form with proper data. eBIKE.hu is irresponsible for misfulfillment if it is caused by false registry data!

Delivery, acceptance, payment

Delivery deadlines

eBIKE.hu team and the couriers work only Monday to Friday, so if you orders on the weekend, we start to process it on Monday

24h items

Orders including only „immediatelly deliverable” items (signed with 24h icon on the site) and place before noon (12:00) are dispatched the same day and delivered next workday. "Next day delivery"  is not guaranteed when ordering to FOXPOST parcel box but 97-98% of the cases they are in the box on the next workday. 

Green basket items

Those orders that are 100% "available from stock" (24h icon or green basket) are processed immediatelly and delivered in 2-3 days (normally within 48 hours).

Yellow basket items

These items are "available at the distributor". Normally we can send them in 3-5 workdays, of couse - due to this kind of stock information - sometimes it may happen, that the supplier runs out of stock before we refresh this stock-list, and you can order the item as "yellow" but at that moment the distributor already can not give us from stock. In these cases we send you information about the shortest delivery time.

Red basket items

Orders inculding „out of stock” goods are delivered generally within 1-1,5 week depending on the supplier. Delay can happen if the supplier also ran out of the given item. IN this case basicly we have to wait for the next shipment or we have to modify the order to reduce this delay.

Actually we are not in the situation to get proper stock information from all our partners, although our sytem is ready for this so it can happen that we list products that are not available at the suppliers. If you order an item from this kind, and the supplier cannot send it anymore, we immediatelly inform you (on the site in your Profile and later via email, too) and remove the item from our productlist.

If your order contains „green” and „red” basket items, we will send them together automatically. If you need the „immediatelly available” products as soon as possible, then write us an email to send in two. When doing so our software calculates shipping fee for the two part-order

Red basket prives can change. If so we contact you immediatelly. Normally this happens only when the supply takes weeks or months. In this case will try to keep the original price, but if the product gets more expensive, and you do not want it for higher price, you can delete this item from the order

If the product is discontinued we try to offer another product. In this case the price of the new-offered product will be written into the order

Protecting our environment is one of our main goals. That's why choose cycling. And that why we collect and re-use packaging materails instead of buying new boxes. So don't be surprised when receiving a box of an iron, or scale, etc. You'll have the ordered goods in it!

All the goods ordered in our webshop is delivered by couriers. You cannot buy and take away products from our store. Our partner is GLS Logistics. We send packages all over the EU Community, for the charges please contact us, because the export delivery is depending the Country and the package-weight!

FOXPOST: we can also deliver your order into parcel terminals as well. Here you can pay by credit card, and receive the package in a minute. Take care that the maximum package size in the terminal is 62x60x36 cm, so we cannot send wheelsets, frames, bikes, etc into the terminals.


At the moment you can choose from the following payment methods

  • Cash on delivery : You can pay cash when receiving the package from the courier. (only available in Hungary and can be payed in hungarian Forint)
  • Credit card : you can pay at the Foxpost parcel terminal if you have acceptable VISA or Mastercard credit card
  • Credit card : you can pay online if you have acceptable VISA or Mastercard credit card (details here)
  • Prepayment : you can transfer the end-amount of the order directly to our bankaccount. to do this please contact us via email!

For orders coming from abroad (and if you don't have HUF account) credit card payment is the only acceptable payment

Shipping costs

Delivery in Hungary

Shipping prices are based on the total price. Size, weight and distance has no effect on the delivery price

Parcel lockers

  • Orders above 30.000 HUF: 0 HUF, absolutelly free of charge 
  • between 5.000 and 30.000 HUF total price: 999 HUF
  • under 5.000 HUF total price: 1499 HUF

Door-to-door delivery

  • Orders above 30.000 HUF: 0 HUF, absolutelly free of charge 
  • between 5.000 and 30.000 HUF total price: 1299 HUF
  • under 5.000 HUF total price: 1499 HUF

In case nobody is at home when the courier arrives, they will try to contact you. If it is not successful they leave a message take the package back to their depot. Second try is in our contract, so you have to call them and discuss a new delivery time. After the second unsuccessful try the pack comes back to us

Sending bicycles

You can order bicycles as well. Due to their sizes we send bicycles only within the borders of Hungary. We send them fine-tuned with warranty (this service is free of charge) but we have to disassemble the handlebars and the pedals, because only this way are they packable. These parts are easily assembled at home with minimal routine. The tightening torque for pedals: 35-55Nm. For hadlebars: 8-10Nm, depending on the material. If you are not sure to fulfill this properly please contact a mechanic because wrong assembly result in warranty loss. The first check of the bikes are very important. It is necessary to check the bolts and cables after the first 50-100km. At our Ridebike partner-shops it is free of charge to have checked our bikes. Please call them to make an appointment (Tel: 00-36-1-401-0395).

Delivery in the EU / outside EU

Shipping prices are depending on our current GLS contract (Costs are based on the destination and the package weight). Please contact us for proper prices! We need to see your pre-order, to calculate the weight.

!!Since 1st january 2021. Due to new Brexit rules, customs and VAT regulations we do not send orders into Brexit countries.



In Hungary you can order by choosing cash on delivery payment. If you do not trust the online paying methods it is the most safe way to pay your order: when you receive the goods only then you have to pay.

eBIKE.hu is also in contract with K&H Bank zRT which is one of the largest banks in the country. It has a reliable and well-protected online area, where you can pay online with your credit card. If you do not have a credit card you can choose pre-pay by money transfer. For details (bank account number, IBAN, etc) please contact us.

The right of standing off the order

The customer has the right the stand off the order but we please you to do it immediatelly when your decision is sure. You can inform us via email or phone. When standing off the order the cost of the shipping shoud be carried by the customer.

Sending back for free option (FOXPOST)

If you chose FOXPOST parcel locker delivery, you can return the unused items free of charge, with the previously received opening code at any FOXPOST locker withing 30days

You also have the right to send back the item without any justification within 8 days, but please before this inform our Customer Service about this the prepare with the following steps: /sizechange, itemchange, moneyback, etc/. In these cases the costs of the delivery go to the customer. Please take care of these products, we receive only those goods, which packaging are opened but undamaged.

Warranty terms

eBIKE.hu webshop and all its partners takes all warranty responsibility that are operated in Hungary. The details of the responsibility of the seller is detailed in the Hungarian Civil Code.
The seller is liable to replace a products only when it is proved to be wrong

For the Warranty process it is necessary to attach the original Invoice (or the copy of it) and the description of the malfunction. You can download here a default sheet for warranty description

If you send us the products via Post then send it here:

eBIKE garancia
1161 Budapest, Rákóczi út 51

Data protection

The personal data of our costomers are handled with care considering the Hungarian DataProtection Law’s principles. All users has the right to modify or to delete his/her private data from our database except those billing information, that are necessary to keep referring to the Accounting Law

eBIKE.hu has to give some of the the private data to the couriers – name, address, phone number – but these partners are not allowed to keep/organize or give to third party these details

Company information

Business info

Operating partner-company: Ride Bike ltd

Address: H-1161 Budapest, Rákóczi út 51, Hungary

Phone: 36-1-401-0395

Fax: 36-1-407-5333

email: info@ridebike.hu



VAT number: 12065800-2-42

Trade Register number: Cg. 01-09-462370

Mail-order trading license number: C/003 403

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