Motorex chain lube for Dry Conditions

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MOTOREX CHAINLUBE DRY CONDITIONS is a rapidly biodegradable fully synthetic wax and oil chain lubricant with dust and dirt repellent properties. It is characterised by good chain adhesion and extremely effective corrosion and oxidation protection.

Rapidly biodegradable
Dust and dirt repellent
Fully synthetic
Effective corrosion and oxidation protection
Excellent chain adhesion due to the effective oil-wax complex
Heavy metal free
Good material compatibility
excellent results in racing

Further Details about MOTOREX Chainlube for Dry Conditions
Range of application
MOTOREX CHAINLUBE FOR DRY CONDITIONS is used for lubricating the chain and coupler on all bikes in dry weather, especially on mountain and downhill bikes.

Apply MOTOREX CHAINLUBE DRY CONDITIONS to the dry chain and rear derailleur. Move parts while doing so to ensure proper distribution of the lubricant. The dirty chain can be easily cleaned with MOTOREX CHAIN DEGREASER. In particularly dusty conditions, the chains should be cleaned and re-oiled after each ride to prevent dust, sand, etc. from entering.

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