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The Cinqro™ mask is the most recent addition to the Respro® range. It focuses on the ‘urban trainer’, the ‘home runner’ or the multi-sport end user where breathing rates are typically higher than your average commuter. The two new Powa™ Elite valves on the Cinqro™ mask allow for...
22 990 Ft
zöld kosár h24
The Respro® City™ anti-pollution mask offers screening from the inhalation of nuisance dusts and odours associated with vehicle exhaust emissions. The City™ mask has a contoured design ensuring the mask 'seals' comfortably and is manufactured from hypo-allergenic Neoprene. The filter in...
from 13 291 Ft
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zöld kosár h24
The Techno Gold mask combines the Sportsta mask's Hepa-Type filtration for sub-micron pollutants with the City mask's Dynamic ACC (Activated Charcoal Cloth) filter. This combination provides increased ability covering a broader spectrum of dusts and odours than either filter on its own. Working...
16 990 Ft
zöld kosár h24
from 16 999 Ft
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