BBB BBS-42S DiscStop disc brake pad

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4 698 Ft
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Regardless of the type of brake, mechanical or hydraulic, BBB disc brake pads BBB brake pads are made from two types of asbestos-free organic material.

■ T-25 for hydraulic systems, brake coefficient 0.50.

■ T-68 for mechanical systems, brake coefficient 0.55.

Each material compound is specially designed for the type of brakes. For the maximum braking power and heat dissipation always use the correct compatible pad!
Where necessary springs are included with the pads.

S = Sintered pads. This kind of pad offers powerful stopping power under heavy conditions only. Needs brake heat to perform at its best. Perfect for freeride or downhill.
You must pre-heat to the maximum braking performance.

Unit: for 1 wheel
Fékpofa anyaga: steel based metallic
Hűtőbordás [EN]: no
Compatible brake: Avid Juicy 3, Avid Juicy 5 [EN] , Avid Juicy 7 [EN] , Avid Juicy Ultimate [EN] , Promax DSK-950, Avid Juicy Carbon, Avid Juicy 3.5 [EN] , Promax DSK-905 Q3, Promax DSK-907 Hornet

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