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The Intelligent Beam Technology makes sure you have the right light distribution at the right speed. The beam is short and wide at low speed, so you have an optimal view on the road in front and beside you and the beam is long at high speed, so you can look further ahead. Due to a clear lens, the...
29 352 Ft
20 %
zöld kosár h24
An Lun dynamo halogen head light, 2.4 watt, 6 volt - halogen bulb - integrated reflector - with cabel
1 290 Ft
zöld kosár
Shimano SM-DH10 overvoltage protection for Shimano dynamo hubs If the bulb blows in either the headlamp or tail lamp, the purpose of the SM-DH10 is to temporarily protect the bulb that is still operating. If a bulb blows, it should be replaced as quickly as possible. Use a 6 V/ 2.4 W bulb...
2 633 Ft
20 %
sárga kosár
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