Alhonga HJ-DS10 disc brake pad

2 590 Ft
2 072 Ft
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‧Organic compound pads
‧High static friction co-efficient
‧Superb braking perfomance for both dry and wet
‧All weather application

Unit: for 1 wheel
Compatible brake: Shimano M396, Shimano M395 [EN] , Shimano TX805, Tektro Draco, Shimano M445, Tektro Volans [EN] , Shimano M375, Shimano M446, Tektro HDC, Shimano M355, Shimano M4050, Tektro Gemini, Tektro Aries, TRP Spyre, Tektro Vela, Tektro Orion, Tektro Aquila, Shimano M315, Shimano M365, Shimano M447, Tektro HD-M285, Tektro HD-M290, Shimano T615, Shimano MT500, Shimano M416A, Shimano MT200, Shimano M3050, TRP Hylex, TRP HY/RD, Tektro HD-M520, Tektro HD-M352, Tektro HD-T520, Tektro MD-M500, Tektro Dorado HD-E710, TRP Spyke, Tektro MD-280, TRP Parabox R, Bengal Helix 7B, Bengal Ares Pro, TRP Dash Sport, TRP Spyre SLC, Shimano MT400, Shimano UR300, Tektro Dorado HD-E715, RST QDH-01, Clarks S2, Bengal Ares 5, Tektro HD-M286, Tektro HD-M740, Tektro HD-M730, Tektro HD-M521, Tektro HD-M510, Tektro HD-M500, Tektro HD-M501, Tektro HD-M291, Tektro HD-T710, Tektro HD-T530, Tektro HD-T290, Tektro HD-T285, Tektro HD-T525, Tektro HD-E715, Tektro HD-E530, Tektro HD-E525, Tektro HD-E520, Tektro HD-E500, Tektro MD-M300, Tektro MD-C400, Tektro MD-C510, Tektro MD-M280, Promax DSK-909 Q6, Rst D-power, Shimano C501, Shimano C601, Shimano M415, Shimano (BR-M416), Shimano M465, Shimano M475, Shimano M485, Shimano M486, Shimano M495, Shimano M525, Shimano M575, Tektro Auriga [EN]
Fékpofa anyaga: steel based organic
Hűtőbordás [EN]: no

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